tures. In this clip, you’ll find out about the features.

Acura MDX offers a flexible interior. For additional seating, the middle seating area can be taken out of in the middle row. Likewise, the 3rd row of seats can be folded down to provide extra cargo capacity. Even the flooring can be turned up in order to maximize cargo space. You can turn the flooring to the rear upside down and get a tough flooring made of plastic that you could use to house pets. The floor is easy to clean is no issue the amount of dirt they accumulate. It is trustworthy. There’s no need to take the car to an Acura repair shop as often.

The car’s seats are also very nice. The vehicle has the option to auto-heat the seats based on indoor and outdoor temperatures. The dashboard comes with a trendy digital display. However, the touchpad could be annoying at times. It’s possible that the touchscreen has been substituted, however it’s not completely clear. However cameras with 360 degrees are displayed on the dashboard. It is sure to increase the car’s safety. Overall, it appears to be a very good car.


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