unnel. These dirt and dust particles are that which make a tornado appear. Without it, tornadoes will appear invisible. Actually, wind shears are usually invisible. They’re powerful straight-line winds which could cause severe harm to buildings and trees. One option to stop roof damage during moderate winds is to have roofs with vents for wind installed. Wind vent roofing becomes more sturdy when winds push on it. But even wind vent roofing can’t shield your home from getting directly struck by a tornado. In this video, you’ll witness a tornado sift large amounts of dirt and dump it into its funnel.

Recently storm chasers are congregating in Iowa in search of tornadoes. The storm chaser Max Olson caught a brilliant tornado on camera. The funnel of the tornado can be seen in the in the distance. Also, you can see how much dust the tornado is picking up when they come close. The tornado moves across a field, causing the effect. As it passes, the tornado is able to gather dust and blast it miles up, before it falls back down to the ground. This tornado didn’t directly strike one of the houses on the video.


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