Researchers have been working to slowly chip away at parts of the past to reconstruct what existed before the dawn of human historical records. Fossil teams are sent on digs all the time, carefully picking the land which has been undisturbed for upwards of thousands of years. This video shows the work Wyoming’s excavation experts are currently doing.

It is believed that the Morrison formation, where these paleontologists are working into, is one of the most famous formations for dinosaurs to have lived in. One of the first profitable dinosaur excavations that took place within North America happened in this formation, so scientists are excited to go in to explore what lies beneath the earth’s surface. While many years have passed since the initial excavations of dinosaur bones in North America, paleontologists are still able to make use of the exact tools and techniques used to take bones from beneath the earth. Every year, more and many students are taught these new dinosaur-related digging methods.


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