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What exactly is what is Family Therapy?

Family therapy (also called family counseling) is a type of psychotherapy that assists couples as well as their families with intimate relationship. Also, it promotes change and growth within the group. It is based on the belief that families function as systems and that when a member of the group is in trouble with a problem, the whole system will be damaged. The therapy can address many issues including relationship issues, addiction parents, conflicts, resolution, and problems with communication.

Family therapy’s primary objective is to enhance family relationships as well as improve communication, and help family life better for all members. A licensed therapist usually conducts family therapy and specializes in training and working with families and couples. Sessions typically take place with all members of the family present. The Therapist may also visit with individual members of the family, if needed.

Family Therapy Techniques

Family therapy can provide various advantages. They collaborate with couples and families to help resolve conflicts and improve the communication. Therapy with family members is a wonderful alternative for people who are struggling in communication or had a traumatic loss or severe trauma. Family members who are dealing with mental or addiction problems can gain by family therapy. The methods include:

Systemic Family Therapy

Systemic family therapy is an example of a family therapy approach. This type of therapy focuses more on the whole family rather than on individual family members. A therapist can work with families to change the way they interact and uncover issues. This kind of therapy could be helpful for families that struggle with communication issues or conflict.

Structural Family Therapy



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