I believe that kids shouldn’t be required any reason to risk their oral health simply because they don’t afford it. Smile For A Lifetime first takes in and distributes old dental equipment.

These foundations utilized these funds to provide treatment for people who meet the criteria for their programs. Smile For A Lifetime also offer screenings at the local and state level. They provide the screening for without cost. Foundations can refer patients to an orthodontist in their region. Orthodontists who volunteer as well as other professionals who are part of the foundation give their expertise and time to patients who may struggle to afford treatments.

Smile For a Lifetime’s process makes it easy for dentists, orthodontists, as well as other experts in the discipline of dentistry, to provide affordable dental treatment for children that need it the most. They distribute information and provide kits for dental hygiene to local schools. This way, the foundation will spread information about how simple it is to volunteers and other professionals in the business to collaborate with Smile For A Lifetime.

The foundation issue an assignment form for the volunteer orthodontist after determining the child’s need for orthodontic treatment. In order to document the treatment of the child and treatment, the orthodontist volunteer will complete the form. It includes sections for taking notes and photographs, and an area to record impressions. Funding agencies and insurance companies make use of the form to pay the costs of treatment. Smile For A Lifetime will issue you an authorization document in order to make a payment once you’ve set up a treatment schedule.

Informing the public about Orthodontic Care

Due to financial restrictions numerous children and even adults do not have the money to pay for orthodontia. Smile For A Lifetime Non-Profit Organization offers financial aid to those in need.


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