What’s the distinction between privat or blic organizations? It is possible to trade shares of publicly traded companies on the stock market but can’t do it using private businesses. Private sector enterprises are an element of the national economy. Privatized groups or individuals control operations and function. The government is a minority owner or controls all public sector businesses. This video outlines the differences between private and public sector entities.

One thing to keep in mind is that public sector businesses are owned by the state. Government control over a large portion or the entire operation and is the owner of more than 51% the share capital. Private companies are subject to the laws of government, but ownership is by private persons. The companies they own contribute greatly in the employment market and focus on quality services. These institutions comprise colleges and private schools. Public companies include transportation networks, postal services, and national security. Profit maximization is the main goal of private institutions. The public sector focuses mainly on providing vital services to the general population. do4c1okrcl.

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