Ability insurance is available at 25 dollar annual fees. The money is given to an organization working to reduce firearm violence.

San Jose is particularly invested to reduce gun violence in response to recent incidents in the citythat caused a number of deaths. By implementing this new policy the government is hoping to stop such tragedies from happening at any time in the future. The reason behind this ordinance is that guns ought to be treated in the same manner as cars. In order to drive a car, a person needs to have car insurance The same principles should be applied to guns.

The gun rights group feel that this is an infringement of their rights which is why they’ve threatened to bring a lawsuit against San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo. Liccardo insists that the fact that the right to own a gun is guaranteed by the Constitution isn’t a guarantee that it won’t be restricted or with fees attached to it.

Similar rules could be implemented throughout the nation if this San Jose ordinance is successful. Prior to purchasing a gun make sure that you’re conscious of any lawful requirements in place that you are required to follow.


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