reat trade event signage packaging, but you need to be sure they’re properly hang. The Youtube videos “Hanging Trade Show Signs 101” offers the most helpful advice regarding how to manage this so that your stand is the most visited. Here’s more information.

The majority of times, you’ll be able to find some sort of banner or even a sign in fabric so it’s nothing to worry about hanging the signs. There are however some points to take into consideration. These signs and materials will have to be delivered separately from the booth you are using before the day of the event. This gives the contractors time to prepare their booths prior to the event opens.

You should also consider the option of rigging. You will need to fill out a form in order to get trusses, or larger structures, dependent on the type of sign that you are using. If you have a complicated sign using metal and lights and rigging, you’ll require an order to rig it because it needs specialized work to put it up.

For more information about packaging for trade events signage You can watch the remainder of the video.


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