Mr. Mobile tower tour will explain the function of cell towers. In this video we will follow invisible cell towering systems. Be sure to watch this video and learn about how a tower, or cell site works. Cell sites in urban areas can be very easily hidden. White radio equipment is not popular with people so cell phone companies like ATandT and T-Mobile frequently take drastic steps to hide the sites.

The steeple of the church at First Parish Unitarian Church, a classic 1840 clapboard meeting home, is a prime cell site. The steeple made of conventional wood and fiberglass, is the ideal spot for instruments like this. Its outward-facing antennas don’t appear visible to those who attend down below, causing what’s often referred to as”the “oil-rig impact”.

The inverse square law protects people on ground by governing the direction and strength of the electromagnetic wave.
When the radio signal from the short range of your cell phone detected by the nearby cell tower, the signal is sent through the internet using a landlines and then sent through the tower nearest to the number you plan to make calls to. Cell towers can be described as physics that look like magic. uz2udqvilk.

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