This is the simplest approach to operating the mower. If you are operating this piece of machinery , make sure you are protected from hearing. Either earplugs and over-the-head earphones can be used. Either one will do.
Getting Started

Before you start, be sure the mower deck is in the right position. Also, make sure you have the brake for emergency use on the up position and the handlebars are not in. It won’t be able to start the mower if they aren’t in. The throttle should be turned half way up. Once all the settings are set, get the engine started.

How do you Control the Mower

There are four fundamental motions. For forward motion, pull the handlebars towards you and then push both of them forward at the same time. For a return, pull the handlebars forward at the same time. To go left, push the left handlebar forward and the right one in the opposite direction. If you want to turn left, move the right and left bars forwards and backwards. If you keep practicing these moves, the more smooth they’ll become. The speed of your mower is controlled as well. The harder and faster you push the handlebars forward or reverse, the quicker the mower will move. It is also important to know. If you release your handles they will be returned to neutral. If you are in neutral, the mower will not change direction.


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