Video “Google, Facebook, Amazon and the Future of Antitrust Laws” offers pertinent insights on the area.
Monopoly is the name of the game

Certain firms seek to monopolize outright. They are more in control of the business they operate in. These companies want to fix price and control their industries. The previous legislature and the government made antitrust laws in order to stop the situation from occurring. What’s the problem when there is a complete monopoly in the company? Simple. There is no need for competition. Competition brings prices down. The economy also benefits by competition. However, there are cases where firms grow in a natural way. It is possible that they do not want to dominate. But, they do which makes it hard for small businesses to gain entry into.

It is precisely what governments are trying to end. Lawyers for antitrust may not be essential. They help companies when they merge. These lawyers can help you in navigating both international and national laws. Enforcement of antitrust laws could eliminate the need for antitrust lawyers.


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