Prices and services are similar. The video below explains the differences in the cost of services provided from one assisted living establishment to another.

The video below demonstrates the differentiator between a big and a residence facility. The thing to bear to keep in mind is generally, the expense of care is already figured into the total cost at an apartment. On the other hand, care costs are separate at a large facility. It is suggested that the daily cost for one’s home should be about $2800. A memory care unit generally costs twice as much.

The cost of a large-scale facility is the average of $3500 within the state of Florida however, that does not include services. In most cases, it is nurses conduct an assessment of the amount of care required for residents who are likely to need it and give an estimate of what the cost of monthly care will be. According to the type of services needed, the cost could be anywhere from $300-$2000 monthly. There are a small number of facilities with large sizes that are fully inclusive.


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