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Understanding the Iraqi Dinar

Iraqi dinars

The Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq originally had to print a new batch of dinars that still contained Saddams image at the onset of their organization. While they moved to eventually create notes with the former dictators image, there was much discussion on denomination and guidelines to creating new currency as the Iraqi dinar exchange rate fluctuated.

Since the currency was devalued in practice, the smaller denominations became popular on the currency market for collectors. Buying Iraqi dinars is legal, but the initial speculation on its value may have been just that, speculation. The dinar could have been replaced with the Euro, dollar or various other types of currency when the coa

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Need a Funeral Home?

Funeral homes in waukegan

Did you know that funerals rank among the most expensive purchases many customers will ever make? Funerals can be extremely expensive, as they require a number of things to be bought, including flowers, gravestones, coffins and all other things pertaining to the burial of a person. A casket is often the single most expensive item you will buy if you plan a traditional full service funeral. Caskets can vary in style and price and are often sold primarily for their visual appeal.

To help relieve their families of some of these decisions, an increasing number of people are planning their own funerals, designating their funeral preferences, and sometimes people even pay for their funerals in advance. You can look at a funeral directory to see if there is a particular funeral home you want to go to and p

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MAI-ROW Restoration in Hollywood Florida


MAI-ROW Restoration

2046 McKinley St.

Hollywood, Florida 33020


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Mai-Row Restoration Inc provides restoration excellent restoration services to our clients. Our services include water damage restoration, mold inspection, water extraction, mold cleanup and more!