When it comes to caring for your pet, having a quality veterinarian on hand for appointments and emergencies is important. How can you locate responsible veterinarians? One possible way is using a vet directory.

A veterinarians directory can usually be found online, although print versions exist as well. They are more useful than a phone book because phone books rely on advertising to decide on print space. Therefore, the closest quality vet will not always be easy to see if it is not one of the larger ads on the page. A vet directory will have a listing of all potential vets in your area.

When going through your veterinarian directory, consider that different vets specialize in different types of animals, and this is something to keep in mind when you are figuring out which vets to put on your list of clinics to look into. If you have a horse, for example, you will probably need a veterinarian who specializes in equine care.

An online veterinary directory can also be useful since it will have direct links to the individual websites for each clinic. There, you can access more specific information about open hours, prices for each visit, and whether there are discounts for multiple pets or referrals.

Finally, a vet directory can be a good thing to have when your pet has an emergency. Often times, if issues occur at night or during the weekend, ordinary vet offices will be closed and you will need to visit an emergency pet hospital. A directory of vets should have a section that indicates which offices have emergency hours.

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