Dog tags for dogs

Those who have never owned a dog cannot possibly understand how wonderful and valuable they are to their owners. As far back as the ancient Egyptians, dogs were so appreciated that their deaths warranted sophisticated funerary ceremonies. Thus, it it important for dog owners to protect their dogs with dog ID tags, or even cat id tags. Even though disease ridden, antisocial cats are far inferior to dogs, cat tags can be used in the same way a dog tags for dogs. However, using cat tags as dog tags for pets is only possible with small breeds like chihuahuas, shih tzus, or miniature poodles. Nonetheless, whether you use cat tags, proper dog tags, or other pet id tags, Humane Societies recommend that every dog wear a dog tag, which includes complete owner contact information; of course, this is mere common sense to any thinking dog owner.

It goes without saying that caring dog owners with use whatever pet tags available to make sure that their beloved furry friends are safe. In fact, dog owners think so highly of their pets that they will go so far as to spend 5 billion dollars at Christmastime every year. That number is for dog owners overall, not for each owner, of course. Furthermore, almost 35 percent of all dog owners have a framed photo of their pet on display in their homes. Obviously, pet owners think of their dogs as family members. And thus, they will use cat tags, bear tags, gorilla tags, or any other tag that will help their dogs get back home in the event that they wander off. Helpful links:

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