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When a person is neglectful in resolving their tax debt, tax penalties often occur, including possible wage garnishment. This happens when an employer, who is required to pay taxes on employees, withholds the neglectful employee’s earnings for the payment of debt as issued by a court order or other legal procedure in accordance to the Internal Revenue Service or state tax collection. Garnished wages are submitted and applied toward the individual’s unpaid taxes. Another form of federal tax penalties is the issuance of levies on social security or pensions. Tax penalty abatement is illegal and can earn the offender imprisonment and hefty fines.

Of course, the best way to get back tax relief is to pay off the owed taxes. While it may not seem like tax penalties such as wage garnishment irs are made to help with back federal taxes, they are. However, to avoid more strict tax penalties, contacting an agency that can work with both the IRS and the individual, sometimes IRS tax relief can be found. A tax professional can advise individuals about services designed to help resolve a wage levy and they can also help negotiate before debt is repaid.

A tax professional can provide tax debt help and prevent further tax penalties from incurring by securing relevant information required for a levy release as well as by proposing collection alternatives such as installments, and compromises. These can sometimes help to secure a release from a wage levy. Those who owe the IRS a considerable amount of money, for whatever reason, should seek the help of an income tax attorney or an IRS debt tax attorney right away or work with a federal tax settlement company.

The first thing to do when hiring federal tax settlement companies is to provide them with all of your tax records. Did you know the IRS sends about 8 billion paper forms each year? That’s a lot of paperwork, even if it’s not all meant for one person. Your tax debt attorney will go through your records and begin searching for any obvious mistakes or oversights. They will be the ones to be in touch with the government on behalf of their clients, and will most likely make a request for more information.

Upon reviewing this information, the IRS tax relief attorney will set up a meeting between the client, the lawyer and an IRS official. This is where negotiations will likely take place; often times the tax debt attorney can point out mistakes that may have been made by the government, sometimes resulting in the absolution of the case without spending a cent on the matter, sans legal fees.

The bottom line is, pay your federal tax when due, and save throughout the year to be prepared during tax time. When you need help avoiding tax penalties, contact a tax professional to find IRS debt relief.

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  1. A tax relief company said that if I pay the minimum amount (which is the penalty amount), there is nothing protecting me from them not applying it to the principal and only applying it to the penalties.

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