Commercial toilets

Most retail businesses and restaurants make at least one commercial toilet available for customers to use. This is just good business, especially if your shop caters to families with young children. However, it is important to realize that if you choose to have commercial toilets available on the premises, your business must meet the criteria regarding cleanliness and access set by local governments.

In some cases, it may behoove a business to provide a full size bathroom, complete with showers for customers use. One example where this would be appropriate is a commercial gym or on the executive floor of an office building. Another instance in which a full service modern toilet with shower is a necessity is in high school locker rooms. It is very important to keep modern toilets in locker rooms clean and free of bacteria. Locker room commercial toilets can be breeding grounds for dangerous antibiotic resistant bugs like MRSA which have been fatal to some high school athletes who have gotten them in the commercial toilets at their schools.

It goes without saying that keeping commercial toilets clean is of the utmost importance. That is why hiring a good janitorial staff is a necessity. Another way to maintain the cleanliness of commercial toilets is to make automatic flushing available. This cuts down on the amount of time waste sits in the toilet bowl. Automatic flushing commercial toilets operate when a motion sensor detects a shift in weight such as when a person steps up from their seated position.

One concern that many business owners have in regards to commercial toilets is the high monthly water bill. Flushing a toilet over and over again uses a great deal of water and can be quite expensive. That is where water efficient toilets come in. Water efficient toilets can cut the water bill of business establishments by a significant amount. As well, many local governments provide tax breaks for businesses that have water efficient commercial toilets on site. See this link for more references.

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