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Among the many recreational activities that people have done throughout history, horseback riding is one of the oldest still in existence. Back in the early years of the United States, people rode horses not just recreationally, but also because they were one of the most efficient means of transportation. Since these days, horseback riding has remained very popular in the United States, with many individuals choosing to do it competitively while others enjoy it as a relaxing recreational activity. To find everything they need for horseback riding equipment and horseback riding apparel such as horse show attire, people can find online equestrian shops and retailers that offer wide selections.

With around 45 states in America having horse populations of approximately 20,000, the opportunity to ride horses is very present. And plenty of people take advantage of this, with estimates of 7 million people riding horses in the U.S. today. The horse riding industry in the United States has thrived from this, being worth approximately 112 billion dollars.

Those who plan on beginning to learn how to ride a horse will need to have a proper riding helmet for safety, which can be purchased from a horse supply retailer. For experienced individuals who do competitive riding, these retailers also offer horse show attire such as show shirts and jackets. Regardless of if the intent of the rider is to compete or just to have a new hobby, proper horse riding equipment is essential to making the experience better for both the rider and the horse. Find out more here.

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