Collaborative divorce lawyers

In the United States, the collaborative law process is generally used when couples decide to separate, but wish to do so in the best interests of the family while avoiding exhaustive litigation. Typically, collaborative divorce lawyers ensure that families avoid having to spend extra time in court, and work to achieve the best results for everyone in the family, including both parents and importantly, the children.

More than 95 percent of American divorces are “uncontested,” which means that the two parties are able to come to an agreement regarding their issues, including custody, property and support issues. For the divorces that are contested, a family divorce lawyer can step in and smooth things over.

According to a study published in the American Law and Economics review, women currently file just over two thirds of divorce cases in America. On that note, there were roughly 872,000 divorces in the United States in 2010, and as such, family divorce lawyers are abundant. Typically, every divorce involves divorce lawyers, who work to get the best results for both parties. Without a divorce lawyer, one party in a divorce would hypothetically be able to exploit the other, if the other did not have a divorce lawyer.

About 42 percent of Caucasian women in their 50s have been divorced at least once, though only about 5 percent of people in America have been married three or more times. At the end of the day, those who are engaged in divorce proceedings would be wise to invest in the collaborative law process. Collaborative family lawyers can make the entire process of divorce a lot easier and less taxing on everyone, and can make a huge difference in the lives of everyone involved in the divorce. Reference links.

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