Few of us give much thought to the impact our computer wall papers can have on our days. Your desktop wall paper is part of your every day life, and it should uplift you, foster your creativity, and even keep you motivated to maintain a tidy desktop. Here, we’ll look at some tips for choosing the right wall papers for your screen size, finding the nicest wall papers, and using multiple wall papers.

Size Matters

A desktop can look beautiful as a tiny little Google Image, but if it doesn’t have a high enough resolution or matching aspect ratio, it will look grainy and distorted on your desktop. The first step is to understand the specs of your monitor before looking for great wall papers. Screen resolutions are denoted in pixels. For example, 800 x 600. The numbers indicate how many pixels your monitor can display horizontally and vertically, respectively. In this case, the aspect ratio is 4:3. The perfect wall paper has high enough resolution and a matching aspect ratio. To find out what your monitor has, right click your desktop and select “screen resolutions.” Look for the number next to “resolution.”

Get Yourself Something Pretty

There are plenty of free wall papers available online. Googling “free wall papers” should bring up a few, though many require you to create an account or install a toolbar, which is kind of a pain. Another idea is to use Google Images to search for a specific type of desktop and utilize the search tools to narrow down the size requirements. Click “search tools,” “size,” and then “exactly…” Type your screen resolution into the pixel fields.

Mix It Up

Can’t choose just one? You can shuffle through multiple wall papers with Window 7 Home or higher. Right-click the desktop and select “personalize.” Choose “Desktop Background” and from “Picture Location” select “Browse.” Choose all the images you want to use, and adjust how often you want your desktop to change. Don’t forget to save!

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