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Thanks in part to their vast resources staffing agencies are able to be the vital lifeline that so many people crave when they are unemployed, and looking for work. Employer job search agencies make it possible for businesses to focus on the most crucial parts of their sales techniques, while also allowing professionals to find the highest quality candidates for themselves.

46% of all newly hired employees remain employed at the same business after one year in the United States. This indicates that more people are finding and keeping work, rather than bouncing around between contract positions and temporary or part-time jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated that there is an approximate 1.7% quit rate for jobs in the U.S. during July of 2013.

According to on November 1, the median median wage of the nations 105.5 million full-time workers was approximately $771. It is a good be that a number of these people came to their current job thanks to a resources staffing company. The U.S. staffing and recruiting industry has created more full-time and part-time jobs than any other industry in the country, according to the American Staffing Association.

Aside from job placement, a resources staffing company can also provide a number of employee training plans to potential candidates. The annual ASTD report has shown that the average number of formal hours of training new employees receive in the U.S. is 32. For many people, more training is needed, especially if they are learning new skills. From one-on-one sessions to a host of business training videos, nothing will be out of reach when dealing with the right staffing agency.

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