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Taking a child camping might seem like routine for you, but it can end up being one of the most whimsical and inspirational experiences of his or her young life. After all, how often do kids really get the chance to gain perspective beyond simply home and school? There are plenty of lessons to be learned while ensconced in the trees of the wild. Here are four quick facts to consider when opting for time spent in the cabins in Colorado or the yurts in Ontario.

Opt for a trial run in your backyard.

Before they can boldly brave the cabins in Colorado, your children might first want to safely snuggle up in the tents in your backyard. For a kid who’s never been deeply trenched in nature before, going to a campground in the middle of the woods can seem like solitary confinement. You have to ease them into the idea if you expect them to stick it out once they get there. If your backyard seems too close, find a park and pop up your tent for practice.

Children can grow to love their natural surroundings.

Allowing a child the chance to be completely steeped in the beauty of nature can open entirely new doors when it comes to appreciating life. British romantic poet William Wordsworth referred to it as “the mighty world of eye and ear,” inferring that a complete immersion of the physical senses is necessary in order to fully appreciate its power. Camping forces a confrontation — human vs. nature — that almost always ends up resolving itself as a harmonious balance of both.

Learning life skills can begin over a campfire.

Sure, we all take s’more creation for granted now that we’ve had years to practice. But for children who have never had the satisfaction of even making a sandwich for themselves, learning the finer points of cooking over a campfire can end up being one of the most valuable experiences of spending time in the cabins in Colorado or an RV in Illinois. Equip them with the essentials — chocolate bars, marshmallows and graham crackers — and let them get to toasting. You could be looking at a future culinary master in the making.

More than half of kids continue their new activities when they get home.

If you’ve ever criticized a kid when they say that “watching TV” is their favorite hobby, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is. Cabin camping at vacation rentals relies on the essentials of electricity (mainly lighting and running water), but otherwise leaves all the cushy amenities out of the equation. Sequestered away at camp, kids can learn how to make simple crafts, how to swim across the lake and even how to play an instrument — all interests they can bring home with a determination to explore further.

Enjoy your cabin rentals. Make them lasting experiences for your children. After all, you never know how your kids will surprise you in the future. More on this.

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  1. Ella Torres says:

    some of my finest memories growing up were spent deep in the woods with my old man, him cooking smoked meats over the flame and singing songs on a bellowing Martin guitar

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