Types of employee benefits

What employees always want to know is if their employers offer benefits, and what kind of health insurance is offered. In Canada, the Canadian Health Act in 1984 guides the level and type of health care throughout the provinces. Each province has their own Medicare systems and they can often be cost-effective due to their simplistic nature. Universal health care has always been Canada’s trademark and the Strategic Counsel found 91% of people preferred this type of health care to a system where individuals have to pay for their own insurance. These public funds also cover medications for the elderly or those who are indigenous to Canada.

Many Canadians do, however, have their own insurance to supplement public healthcare. It is often the case that seeing a specialist can take months without a proper referral. Workplaces offer employee benefits and services, and group health plans. Other health insurance companies can offer affordable health care for employees who do not wish go through their employer. Employee benefits consulting services are always available to answer questions regarding the best options for workers. They can help design benefit plans to fit an individuals needs. Insurance carriers provide lists of what is covered under their plans and they often include small details such as coverage regarding alternative healing like acupuncture, or even how much dental implants cost.

There are ways for small businesses to find the best insurance for their employees as well. Group health benefit plans offer decent premiums and better health benefits for employees. Targeting smaller or midsized businesses, these groups look at the type of insurance that is desired as well as the depth of resources a company has to meet the needs of their employees. They can offer comprehensive solutions that match a company’s profile.

Health care in Canada is always evolving despite their universal system. People are always looking for the best deal on the best care. Workers always have the choice to seek their own private insurance options and also elect to utilize what their province offers. When trying to figure what is best for each individual, employee benefits consulting agencies can provide the necessary information for people make an informed decision about their healthcare needs.

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  1. Roger Riley says:

    Health care in Canada is a joke. The hospitals are packed and this article is right, getting in to see a specialist takes forever! It took me 4 months to see someone about a possibly cancerous TUMOR!

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