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In the United States, the advertising industry has produced $48 billion in revenue. Traditionally, businesses and organizations try to find graphic designers for employment, in order to assist with important aspects of advertising such as logo design. Logo designs have historically been an effective advertising strategy for generating recognition, developing brand sense and promoting businesses, organizations or individuals. To illustrate the importance of branding, recent analytic research shows that almost 60% of Facebook users have liked at least one brand from their Facebook page. While logos are still highly regarded among businesses and graphic designers, other methods of graphic design such as corporate video services are catching on within the advertising industry.

Graphic designers and professional video production go hand in hand. Some experts involved in the advertising and graphic design industries even argue that the graphic design description should include the use of video production for advertising purposes. The rapid improvement of custom video production technology, and the ease of syndicating corporate video services with an organization’s online platforms creates an effective advertising strategy. Much research dedicated to studying the behavior of online users shows that the average online user has an attention span of around 4 seconds. Websites that feature a lot of text and lacks visual enhancements is a sure way to lose the attention of a user visiting a given website. A website that features interesting and stimulating videos are much more effective in gaining the attention of an audience, when compared to traditional methods of text and images.

Picture a web user visiting your website. As soon as that user lands on your page, they are greeted by a professional, yet interesting video. Instead of the user having to navigate and take time reading text, everything you want them to know about your business, how to navigate your webpage, etc. is easily available to them through a video. This is a great strategy for businesses and organizations that are looking to boost their website’s appearance, and their chances of keeping the visitors of their website involved and interested. Corporate video services are useful for other purposes such as public relations strategies, as well.

The goal public relations strategies is to help businesses, organizations or individuals gain popularity and exposure, while minimizing negative aspects that have been brought to light. In which case, businesses, organizations and individuals can utilize professional videos to share on multiple social media platforms in order to debunk negative beliefs held by their followers or clients, promote a special event, or keep their audience updated on current news and happenings within the organization. In today’s industries, everyone is looking for methods of advertising that will allow them to gain more followers and get ahead of their competition. Professional video production and graphic design is just one effective method of advertising should be always be considered. Great references here:

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