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Since users click on organic links approximately 70 percent of the time, versus paid search links, it makes sense to optimize your website and marketing communications for optimum search visibility. In conjunction with search optimization, around 80 percent of small business owners rely on some form of social media marketing as part of their advertising strategy. To insure that you are integrating these same marketing tips for small business, you may want to consult with marketing services companies for implementation.

Each and every business marketing program relies on increasing their traffic and conversions in order to increase profits. You may want to kick off your growth efforts by finding the most efficient ways to increase traffic. As you begin to implement changes, you should test various campaigns and programs in order to find the greatest return. There are a handful of online marketing tips and tricks that you can use, as long as you track your project metrics to measure your success.

Another way to increase your conversions from small business marketing is to better target your communications by niche. Using your client list, you can begin to sort it based on customer actions, such as frequency of purchase, amount of average purchase or age. Those that fall in one group may need a different message and sales offer than those that purchase more infrequently. Also, you should send a different message to those that you are trying to reactivate.

While customers of different businesses may respond to these strategies differently, you should test a number of them to find your sweet spot. Customer data shows that approximately 60 percent of your customers will increase purchases when you use custom content that they can respond to. When looking at online marketing tips and tricks, it helps to audit your existing professional marketing services. Whether you use a lot of social media or rely on SEO and email marketing, you will see increases as you test and track any tweaks to your methodology. Regardless of the strategies that you put in place, by looking at your opportunities and gaps in marketing, you can better react to the market. More like this.

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