Doggie day care salem oregon

We love our dogs and other pets. A lot of us consider them to be family members. About 94 percent of pet owners say that their pet makes them smile at least once a day. And, about one third of dog owners display a framed picture of their dog in their home.

There are some very interesting facts about dogs that may help you when you are choosing a dog boarding facility. One female dog and her female offspring can produce 4,372 puppies in seven years. This is obviously a very good reason to spay and neuter your pets. A study published in The American Naturalist in 2010 found that the differences between the skulls of the different breeds of dogs are as pronounced as the differences between completely separate mammal specials. So, the next time you see a bulldog and a Chihuahua, you may just say, “Hmmmmm, interesting”.

Did you know that your dog knows you by your smell? It does not matter if you have showered and used a scent, or even if you are just back from the gym. Having this close bond with your dog, will help you make the best decision in dog boarding.

A lot of us are hesitant to actually place our dogs in dog boarding facilities. Often we ask our friends to come stay at our house to stay with our pets when we are away. However, there are many great dog boarding facilities available. In fact, may people use dog day care or pet day care services just for the time when they are at work.

When choosing a dog boarding kennel, you should make a personal visit to the facility. You can check out how sanitary the conditions are and whether the staff seems attentive to the dogs in their care. You can see if they have open spaces where dogs can run and play. Many dog boarding facilities also offer individualized activities depending on the size of the dog. The inside facilities should also be clean and comfortable. Make sure that your dog boarding facility provides soft beds for your dog.

You may even be able to find dog boarding facilities that have doggie cams that will let you see how your pup is doing.
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