Vinyl banner signs

Did you know that the first patent for PVC was issued in 1913? Friedrich Klatte invented a new method of the polymerization of vinyl chloride which interestingly enough involved the use of sunlight. Many years later, there are a multitude of options for vinyl fabrics, including vinyl banner signs, printable vinyl record labels and more.

Vinyl is extensively used in the medical and housing industries because it is strong, durable and resistant to moisture. Furthermore, cheap vinyl fabric is easy to find and fairly common, so its use is well justified. Vinyl fabric typically comes in two types, either stretch vinyl or patent vinyl.

Generally businesses that produce finalized vinyl products get their vinyl from a vinyl fabric wholesale supplier or buy bulk vinyl fabric. Printable vinyl is one of the most common uses for vinyl, and those who create printable vinyl record labels require quite a bit of printable vinyl.

One can find printable banner stands at trade shows, car dealerships, shopping malls and grocery stores, among others. Since vinyl is so durable and cheap, it makes a perfect sign, and people who need visible, long lasting signs typically find a vinyl solution. There are also many printable banners both outdoor and indoor at fairs and carnivals as well as airports.

At the end of the day, vinyl is a valuable fabric used in many different trades throughout the world. It is a common plastic substitute in some cases, but nevertheless has its own valuable uses and continues to be a hot commodity in a number of different aspects of life. Find more on this here:

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