Characteristics of children with autism

Providing academic, social and developmental growth in schools for children with learning disabilities does not have to be a challenge. The CDC has estimated that approximately 1 in 50 students have some form of autism, making it even more imperative to find schools for children with special needs. You can find the special education program that fits your child with some preliminary research.

Information processing can be altered in the brain of those with autism, and they may need the help of someone specializing in working with special needs. To identify possible schools and programs for you child, you can begin with online reviews posted by other parents. Frequently you will find third party websites that feature reviews from parents experiencing the same challenges with special needs schooling. Use their comments and recommendations to formulate your criteria for the best match for your child.

Also, you can rely on friends and colleagues that have down similar research on special education programs. Knowing that others have faced similar issues can provide some support and critical insight into your search. In fact, they may be able to give you detailed information about different schools that you have been considering, including reports on various teachers and faculty.

Armed with your preliminary research, it may make sense to begin visiting various schools and classroom programs. Seeing the facilities and social interactions in person will allow you to make further judgments as to which special needs schools are more successful and appropriate for your family. It allows you to view the types of curriculum and activities that they follow during the day, and what opportunities the children have for socialization and structure.

Another key to evaluating a special needs program is the childs attitude and emotional state during the day. You should watch how they interact with each other and whether they respond well to their activities. While some lessons are not as much about learning hard facts, but more about getting them ready for further life skills and responsibilities, it will give you insight into the socialization and communication skills they are picking up. Sometimes these types of interactions are as valuable as any other observation in choosing your special needs school.

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