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As has been made abundantly clear by the archive of landscape design pictures showing disease ravaged fauna, ash tree disease has grown into a serious problem of late. Ash trees, a favorite of low maintenance landscaping enthusiasts and photographers specializing in landscape design pictures, are a species of vegetation that serves as a major food source for both mammals and birds. Ash trees have been used to fill in the gaps that are common in forests. As well, they are a favorite choice amongst urban planners and landscapers due to how little maintenance they require. Sadly, there is one serious drawback to cultivating ash trees, the devastating trend of emerald infestation by emerald ash borers throughout North America.

Ash borer control practices need not focus on adult emerald ash borer beetles. The adult beetles do indeed nibble on foliage, and have been documented doing so within landscape design pictures. However, the adults of the species are basically harmless. Rather, emerald ash borer treatment protocols should zero in on larvae, which are milky white in color and found underneath the bark of ash trees. These larvae are not obvious to the naked eye, which is why it is hard to capture them in landscape design pictures. However, when enough damage has been done to spark suspicion that an infestation is taking place and bark is finally stripped from the ash tree, the expanding S shaped galleries of the ash borer are revealed. At this stage, it is too late for the trees to be salvaged. In fact, most ash trees will perish within a 2 to 4 year period of being infested by emerald ash borers.

The emerald ash borer originates in Asia and Russia, and landscape design pictures taken of the beetles in their natural environment confirm that in that area of the world, they are not dangerous. It has been speculated that the beetles make their way to America by way of solid wood packing material transported in planes and ships arriving from China. When the ash borer is removed from its native region where the ecological structure maintains its numbers at reasonable levels, the emerald ash borer becomes an invasive species, transforming the landscape design pictures of the area they infest. This is why it is so imperative for those of us who want to maintain the landscape design pictures of the country we love to fight this invasion of emerald ash beetles.

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