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Have you gotten your health tip of the day yet? Without it, all of the iPhone fitness accessories, pulse monitors, and wireless scales in the world can only get you so far in your mission to lose weight and get healthy. If you don’t have the drive or the motivation, you might suddenly find that you’re telling yourself that next Monday is when you’re going to start working out. Really. Fortunately, using even one health tip each day can help you to put an end to that bad habit.

Understanding the importance of finding motivation.

If sticking to a workout plan or fitness resolution were easy, everyone would do it. Research published by Wilson and Brookfield found that within the first six months of an exercise program, about 50% of participants are going to drop out. A health tip of the day might not be the deus ex machina that makes it possible for you to easily reach your ultimate goals, but it might be that little push that you need to strap on an armband monitor, and get to the gym even though you’re tired. Every day that you can find that little push is another day that you get to work successfully towards your goals.

Know where you can get expert advice.

There are many blogs, websites, and magazines that offer health tips for women and men. If you are using fitness armbands, fitness bracelets, or smart scales, then you are also likely analyzing your data through a companion application on your computer or a mobile device. These applications very often feature a health tip of the day, or a motivational message. Take advantage of tips and advice where you can get them, and seek out those sources when you feel like it would be easier to just hit the gym twice as hard tomorrow instead of going today. We both know how likely that is to happen.

Have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Keeping a positive mindset is essential to sticking to your plan and working towards better health. Try using a mantra, which is a simple word or phrase that you can use to focus yourself mentally when you feel that you might do something unproductive — whether that’s grabbing a bag of Cheetos, or spending the day on the couch. Depending on the fitness gadgets you are using, you may also be able to set alerts for when you have been idle for too long! The more tools that you have at your disposal to help keep you motivated, the easier it will be to overcome obstacles to getting healthy.

Having the technology to help you keep track of your progress is a great start. In fact, monitoring progress and setting goals are important aspects of getting into better shape. Tracking exercise patterns, calories consumed, sleeping patterns, and calories burned can give you unique insight into your progress. Just be sure to use tips, hints, and other tricks to make sure that you keep taking advantage of that technology.

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