The significance of Tesla as a brand and also the cult status of Elon Musk. Tesla is the top of the high-end rechargeable automobiles and also a step into the future. Musk’s plans to the Tesla brand aren’t limited to cars. The home improvement industry with attention to the environment over the past couple of decades, appears perfectly set up to enable Tesla to extend their reach. This video shows what Tesla’s roofs will appear like in the near future.

The new tiles are made of holographic and texture, as well as strong glass. The tiles are able to stand up to any weather along with providing the classic appearance to the roofing of your home. If you view it from the street, your roof would appear normal. They are however reflective from the view point from above. They aren’t brittle like slate, clay or terra cotta tiles and draw power straight away from the source. Do you have anything to not love?


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