Purchase a new appliance Your appliance may be in dire need of repair. No matter the reason it is, you’ll need to replace your appliance. There is extended warranties if you make a visit to the local appliance store. Don’t buy the extended warranty. The cost will be higher than the value. In this instructional video you’ll learn the reasons why extended warranties will be more expensive than they are worth.

Why do warranties fail? On average, only 12 percent of the extended warranty funds are ever made available. Extended warranties aren’t needed by a large number of. Most people only think they are. You will lose 88% on an average. These are not great odds. This doesn’t just apply to appliances. The same applies to electronics as well as cars. It is better to have an extra amount of money to pay for electronic devices or appliances that have broken. There will come a time when things break. But, warranty coverage is not worthwhile. Last but not least, if the product is covered under a warranty it’s fine. However, you shouldn’t pay for it.


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