Solar panels are great for our environment. Solar panels can generate energy without carbon footprint. In addition, it lowers your dependence on electrical firms. You may be able even to return excess electricity to an electrical company. In this clip, you will learn more about the solar energy available located in New York.

New York offers unique rebates in the event of people looking to purchase solar panels in the state. For example, New York state offers a 25 tax credit that is in addition to the tax credit that is provided by the Federal Government. This means up to 50% of the solar panel’s cost of installation could be covered by the federal government. In addition sales tax exemption NYSERDA rebate may help you save as much as $5,000. Solar panels are now less expensive. It makes the solar panels more reliable and cheaper. Other hidden charges to consider. Your roof might need strengthening before you can install solar panels. The issue isn’t how you slice it. You just need to examine the data and figure out if solar panels are right for you.


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