The contractor you choose will be able to help you make the best choice to fit your house. Continue reading for information regarding some of the popular sidings for houses.

Vinyl is by far the most widely used kind of siding. Vinyl siding is the most inexpensive option, and also comes with the longest span if it’s installed correctly. There are several colors you can choose to choose from when choosing vinyl for your exterior siding.

An incremental step above the vinyl is insulated vinyl siding. With insulated vinyl siding, the insulation is built in the ridges of the siding, making it much more durable than vinyl and it also insulates your home better. Insulated vinyl can be found in a array of colors like vinyl.

The Hardy board is another well-known selection. Fiber cement siding is known as”Hardy board” and is extremely tough. It’s painted with the help of hardy boards and may be found in various colours.

If you’re looking for more options in siding you can talk with the siding contractors or take a look at the video above!


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