Check the wheel alignment. It is crucial to check the alignment of your wheels for the safety of the car. Let’s take a look at the essential information about wheel alignment.

Each car needs the alignment checked however, the requirements of the alignment can differ. Car manufacturers have an agreed upon angle with which tires have to be aligned. These angles can be used to boost the performance of the car.

The third tilt you’ll see is camber in wheel alignments. The camber represents the angle of the tire from side to side. Negative camber angles will result in the tires tilting toward the rear of the vehicle.

The caster angle is another element of alignment. It’s the angle an access for steering is connected to the wheel. Toe is the last component in the alignment. If the wheels are toed-in this means that they are aligned more closely together.

The general rule is that wheel alignment is important for every car. You can check your car manual to find out the best time to rotate your wheels.


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