A lot of Americans believe that the American healthcare system should be overhauled. They believe the idea that Medicare for All needs to be offered to everyone.

According to a research study published in 2017 of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the average American pays $10,207 a year for medical services. German spends $5,848. According to the study, the US spends 17.1 percent of GDP on healthcare, while Germany spends 11.2 per cent.

To learn more Many Americans seek out Germany’s obligatory multi-layered universal health care system.

The German health system is formulated with two different options: Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) that includes 87 percent of Germans in addition to Private Health Insurance (PHI).

SHI is made up of private non-profits called “sickness funding.” SHIs get their money through a cost-sharing arrangement between citizens and the German government.

To prevent price slashing, the government enforces strict rules in the field of SHI.

The SHI members receive vouchers to help them maintain healthy habits and regular check-ups. This is similar to credit card perks.

Professionals, freelancers, and those who make above $60,000 a year can select to sign up for an individual health insurance plan.

German models emphasize health care accessibility regardless of whether you’re on the public ou private side. It doesn’t matter whether America adopts the German model or not, this principle needs to be accepted by a bigger portion of Americans should the US reforms are made. lmpw7fnkte.

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