On the Depot Channel on YouTube, they’ve got a YouTube video called “How to Lay Pavers” suitable for both small and big projects. Preparation is the key to the installation of pavers, or any other stone landscaping project at home. There are a few things you need: papersand, a square shovel, a trowel, and the square spade. In the beginning, you’ll make a hole using the help of a shovel. You will then make the surface level using a trowel if it is unlevel. To ensure that the pavers are placed correctly they must be completely level. If the area isn’t even, the pavers may break and will not fit perfectly. The trowel is used along with the level to make the dirt uniform and smooth. It is also important to determine whether the water is flowing to or away from the stone patio.

In the event that the space isn’t even, apply sand paper for leveling the ground so that you can put in the pavers. Sand is smoothed with a level. The pavers are about 2 inches thick. This means that the surface must match the size of the pavers. Later, you can put the pavers into your area to check the way they will fit. These are the steps that ensure your patio or stone pathway a successful one. cs9q1bxf69.

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