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Grow Your Practice via Innovative Website Design

According to a sample of 8 million web users, nearly 95% of search engine users clicked on at least one first-page search result. As for results appearing on the second page, well, the story was a lot different. The same study revealed that only 6% of the same survey respondents bother to click to the next page of search results and click one of the links.

The above survey stands as merely a single testament regarding the importance of business websites. Because many other similar studies have been conducted over the last few years, and, while the sample sizes and actual numbers might vary slightly, the findings show that first-page rankings are critical for business success.

While many of us don’t think of medical and dental offices in the same light as retail or restaurant establishments, making money is just as important to dental practices as it is for restaurants, furniture stores, or auto dealerships. Thus, Read more ...

Looking for Marketing Ideas? Look to Your Patients

Vet hubs

There are two marketing myths that need to be dispelled immediately. First, veterinarian marketing is not all about coupons, and newsletters. Second, great veterinary marketing ideas don’t always come from the blogs of marketing geniuses. Sometimes, the answers that you’re looking for come from close to home — in this case, they’re going to come from your patients. Try turning these three problems into veterinary practice marketing concepts that help your business and your patients at the same time.

Problem Number One. You see more sick animals in the winter due to ice melt ingestion.

Winter can be a hazardous time for dogs and cats since the roads and sidewalks are often lined with ice melt products. Getting these products onto their bare paws, skin, or ingesting them can mean anything from some

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Grand Furniture in Virginia Beach VA


Grand Furniture

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The Importance of International Trading Companies

Soybean trading companies

Many countries in the world rely on international trade. More specifically, certain economies would be in major trouble if not for international trade agreements. For instance, an international trading company might transport productos agricolas de latinoamerica, or Latin American agricultural products, from Latin America to American markets, which benefits American consumers, American markets, and Latin American producers.

In addition, soybean trading companies are immensely important to international trade. In terms of agricultural products Latin America is a major producer of things like sugarcane and other foods grown in the Latin American climate. Without the hard work of an international trading company, however, those Latin American products would be hard to find, if not unavailable, in oth

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Use Heating and Air Repair Service to Maintain Your Systems

Fix a clogged sink

You may need some sort of heating and air repair service at some point. Many people also like to keep their systems in tiptop shape by having heating and air repair companies check their HVAC systems on a regular basis. But, there are many interesting facts about the plumbing and heating and air repair industry.

Contrary to the myth, Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet. He did however have a successful career in plumbing that lasted from 1861 to 1904. Additionally, he did hold several patents on plumbing related products. Albert Einstein was named an honorary member of the plumbers and Steamfitters Union after he publicly stated that he would become a plumber if he had to do it all over again. Oh, and finally, Ozzy Osbourne was a plumbers apprentice before he started his music career.

Today, heating

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