What causes degenerative disc disease

So, who here knows what a posterior cervical foraminotomy is? Anyone? No? Well, it’s obviously a highly technical term … and the majority of common civilians don’t know what that medical mumbo jumbo means when our doctors spout it out. Just in case you really wanted to know, posterior cervical foraminotomy is a, anterior cervical spine surgery that doctors use to help relieve the rather unpleasant symptoms of having a pinched nerve in your spine.

Without further ado, here is some chiropractic information, herniated disc treatment information, and as some facts about back pain in general.

  • Chiropractors call spinal manipulation chiropractic adjustment or spinal adjustment, and of all spinal treatments it is the most commonly used method in chiropractic care.
  • The majority of herniated disks affect the lumbar spine, which is the lower spinal cord where your spine curves inwards.
  • Pain in your back is actually the number two most common reason that people visit the doctor, only beaten by upper respiratory infections.
  • 80% of Americans are affected by back pain at some point during their lifetimes, which makes it among the most common maladies in the United States.
  • Degenerative Disc Disease believe it or not is part of the normal aging process, and it naturally causes changes in the cushion the spine receives from its disks.


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