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The fact is Americans love their pets. We love to take them with us on car rides. We love to talk to them when we are feeling blue. It is no wonder, then, that there are 164 million pets spread across American households, according to the Humane Society.

Pets, whether they are cats, dogs, turtles, or fish, are often treated like our children. We have to clean up after them, feed them, and discipline them when necessary. 94 percent of pet owners say their pet forces them to crack a smile at least once a day.

Overwhelmingly, our pets are a force for good in our lives. Naturally, we want to make sure they are taken care of and live long, healthy lives. However, as veterinary medicine has started using increasingly expensive medical techniques and medications, owners have higher expectations of their pets’ healthcare and standard of living. Of course, this also means owners have higher costs to pay. For this reason, the market for pet insurance has grown significantly. If you want to find the best pet insurance for your best friend, follow these three tips.

  • What Does Your Vet Pet Insurance Offer?
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    When doing pet insurance comparison, you should look at what benefits each company offers. For instance, many insurance companies will not insure a dog over 9 years of age, or they will place surcharges on your coverage for an elderly dog. After all, healthcare costs increase exponentially with age. If you have an older dog, try and find a company that does not charge you usurious rates because of their age.

    Further, you should ask what your pet health insurance covers besides direct healthcare needs. The best pet insurance will offer you coverage for pet boarding if you have to be hospitalized or the cost of “missing” posters if you lose your friend along with many other benefits.

  • Do They Follow the Law?
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    Just like human insurance companies, pet insurance providers are required to register with local regulators. If you want to protect yourself from fraud and ensure your pet gets the best coverage possible, make sure your provider follows all laws pertaining to their industry.

  • What Do Their Customers Have to Say?
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    The surest way to discern the quality of a pet insurance company is to look for the best pet insurance reviews online or from the mouths of your loved ones. Using the companies with only the best pet insurance reviews can help to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for concerning price, coverage, and customer service. If your cat insurance provider is known for being rude to customers and not following their own policies, then you should go elsewhere.

If you want to continue to provide your family feline or canine companion with the best care possible, use these three tips to find a great provider of pet health insurance. By finding a provider that follows the law, offers you great extras, and has only the best pet insurance reviews, you protect not only yourself but your best friend.

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  1. Casy Jensen says:

    We’ve been so blessed with our insurance company. They cover medications for our pets who have seizures, shots, and many other services.

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