American petroleum institute standards

Anyone who drives a vehicle knows that their is a great deal of responsibility that comes with the privilege of driving and owning a vehicle. Of course, safety should always be the number one priority of any driver. Safety encompasses many aspects of driving though, and does not only require that a driver be alert and obeying traffic laws. Having a well functioning, efficient vehicle also plays a major role in safety. One of the main responsibilities of any vehicle owner is keeping up with the routine maintenance procedures of their vehicle. Changing motor oil regularly is one such maintenance routine that is highly advised to drivers. To ensure a longer lifespan for your vehicle, it is advisable to know when to change motor oil, where to get an oil change, and what the best motor oil for your car is.

The motor oil used for vehicles is made from petroleum based and non petroleum synthesized chemical compounds. Each year, drivers in the United States produce around 1.3 billion gallons of used motor oil. In 2009, all of the vehicles around the world produced approximately 3.7 billion gallons of used motor oil.

Knowing how much motor oil to put in your vehicle is important. Even if it is the best motor oil for your car, if too much is used it can cause parts of the crankshaft to dip into the oil. This churns air into the oil and causes foaming and also fluctuations in the oil pressure. Understanding motor oil standards and recommended practices can help a driver give their vehicle a longer lifespan. See more:

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